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Policies & Procedures

Please ensure that you have read and understood this before continuing. If you need assistance with any of the documents please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Please also read and understand the Terms and Conditions document.

Section A Introduction

  1. Policies and Procedures

    These Policies and Procedures are incorporated by reference into the Annexio Limited Affiliate Member Agreement. You must read and understand these Policies and Procedures prior to using the Annexio Limited programme to build your independent business. As a Annexio Limited Affiliate Member, you must comply with all terms and conditions set out in these Policies and Procedures and the Affiliate Member Agreement and if applicable the supplemental terms and conditions for organisations. You must honour all applicable laws, codes of conduct and regulations in the country where you live and in the countries in which you operate your Annexio Limited business. The words ‘the Company’ when used in this document, refer to Annexio Limited Ltd, a company incorporated in the Isle of Man, under company number 124709C and having its registered office address at Fort Anne, South Quay, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM1 5BU.

  2. Purpose

    The purpose of the Affiliate Member Agreement is: to demonstrate the need for and set standards of acceptable business behaviour; to assist you in building and protecting your business; and to define the relationship between Annexio Limited and you as an independent Affiliate Member.

  3. Changes

    The Company reserves the right to amend the Affiliate Member Agreement at any time. Annexio Limited will notify you of any such changes in accordance with the terms set out in the Affiliate Member Agreement. Your continued engagement in promoting Annexio products and services, promoting the Annexio business opportunity, or both, after notice of any revisions to the Affiliate Member Agreement including in particular these Policies and Procedures and the Commission Plan (and if applicable the supplemental terms and conditions for organisations) shall constitute your agreement to such revisions and legally binding amendment of the Affiliate Member Agreement including the Policies and Procedures and the Commission Plan (and if applicable the supplemental terms and conditions for organisations). Occasionally, it may not be possible for the Company to carry out its obligations because of circumstances beyond the Company’s control, such as strikes, labour difficulties, fire, curtailment of the source of supply, government decrees or orders, etc.

Section B Becomin an Affiliate Menmber

  1. To Become an Affiliate Member You Must:

    • Be at least 18 years of age and

    • Read the Affiliate Member Agreement including these Policies and Procedures carefully. When you have read and understood the Affiliate Member Agreement, you may sign up online but must then print the application form in triplicate, retaining one copy for yourself, give one copy to your sponsor and send one copy by post to the Company within 14 days of the date of on line sign up. No bonuses or commissions will be paid until receipt of the signed hard copy application form.

    The new Affiliate Member will be placed in the downline of the person stated in the sponsor information section. Incorrect or incomplete sponsorship information may delay commissions and bonuses.

    Annexio is not responsible for incorrect or incomplete applications. As an Affiliate Member you hereby agree that Annexio may retain and process the personal information given by you to Annexio for purposes including the marketing commissions payable and performance of the Annexio business and in accordance with Annexio’s privacy policy. Annexio may record this information manually and/or electronically and will be the data controller for this information. Annexio may disclose and transfer such personal information to other members of the Annexio group of companies which are situated inside and outside of the EEA and to other persons for the purposes of Annexio’s business including other Annexio Affiliate Members for the purposes of maintaining and administering the Affiliate genealogy.

  2. Membership Number

    Annexio will provide you with a membership number (MN) that must be quoted on all correspondence.

  3. Renewal as a Member

    Annexio requires you to renew your Affiliate Member Agreement annually on the anniversary of the date of your acceptance as an Affiliate Member. Renewal is automatic unless either party notifies the other in writing at least seven days before the expiry date that membership will not be renewed.

  4. Member Benefits

    Once Annexio Limited has accepted your application to become an Affiliate Member you may:

    • Participate in the Annexio Commission Plan.
    • Gather other Player Members.
    • Gather other Player Members.
    • Sponsor other individuals who want to apply for Affiliate Membership.
    • Receive Annexio literature and communications.
    • Participate in Company sponsored support, service, training, motivational and recognition functions.
    • Participate in promotional and incentive programmes for Affiliate Members.

    Annexio will maintain an Affiliate Member account in your name, setting out all debits and credits, including payments made in accordance with the Commission Plan. A statement is issued every four weeks.

Section C Operating as a Affiliate Member

  1. Commission Plan

    • You must adhere to the terms of the Annexio Commission Plan as set out in the Commission Plan document.
    • The Company reserves the right to amend the Commission Plan at any time in accordance with the terms of the Affiliate Member Agreement.
  2. Media Inquiries

    All media inquiries regarding Annexio must be referred to the Company. This will ensure accurate and consistent information reaches the general public.

  3. Trade marks and Copyrights

    • You are not permitted to use the Annexio trade mark or corporate logo to promote your independent business except in authorised and Annexio issued materials and literature provided to you for the purpose of promoting your Annexio business.
    • You may describe yourself as a ‘Annexio Affiliate Member’ in a telephone directory or advertising literature.
    • You should not answer your telephone in any manner that may indicate or suggest that the caller has reached a Annexio corporate office.
    • You may not record or reproduce materials from any Annexio corporate function, event, speech, etc.
    • You may not reproduce any company-produced audio or video material or presentations.
    • You may not create, publish, or cause to be published in any written or electronic media, the name, photograph, or likeness of copyright materials or property or individuals associated with the Company without the written permission of Annexio.
    • You may not publish or distribute any literature, materials or merchandise representing Annexio or its products or services other than that which is provided by Annexio.
  4. Claims

    When presenting information about Annexio products or services, you must not make claims (about the products or services) except as set out in authorised Annexio literature.

  5. Income Claims

    When presenting the Annexio business opportunity and the Annexio Commission Plan, you may not make exaggerated income projections, income claims, or exaggerate your Annexio income.

  6. Commercial Outlets

    The company markets its products and services directly to its customers only through its network of independent Affiliate Members.

  7. Other Companies and Products

    During the term of the Affiliate Member Agreement you are free to participate in other referral marketing ventures and may engage in selling activities involving non-Annexio products and services. However, you may not:

    • Recruit or enrol Annexio customers, Player Members or Affiliate Members for any other referral marketing business ventures.
    • Produce any literature, tapes, or promotional material for another referral marketing company that will be used to recruit Annexio customers, Player Members or Affiliate Members.
    • Sell or promote any competing products or services to Annexio customers, Player Members or Affiliate Members. This includes any product or service in the same generic category as a Annexio product or service.
    • Offer Annexio products or services or promote the Company’s Commission Plan in conjunction with any non-Annexio product, plan or incentive.
    • Offer any non-Annexio product or service or opportunity in conjunction with the offering of Annexio products, services or opportunities.
    • Recruit a prospective Affiliate Member, who accompanies another Affiliate Member to a Company meeting or function, within 28 days of that meeting.
  8. Genealogy Reports

    The Annexio genealogy reports (being the information held by Annexio relating to its Affiliate Members, which at Annexio’s option may include but are not limited to its relationships with each of its Affiliate Members, the sponsorship of each Affiliate Member, the Affiliate Member's organisation and historical transaction information for each Affiliate Member and Player Members) contain confidential information which is highly sensitive and valuable to Annexio’s business and which shall at all times remain the property of Annexio. You may not use the reports for any purpose, other than for developing your Annexio business; specifically, you must not:

    • Disclose or permit the disclosure of any information contained in the reports to any third party.
    • Use the reports to compete with Annexio.
    • Recruit or solicit any Player Member or Affiliate Member on the report to participate in other referral marketing ventures.
    • You will return copies of any such information to Annexio forthwith upon the termination of the Affiliate Member Agreement for whatever reason.

  9. Corporations, Partnerships and Trusts

    You may initially establish an Affiliate Member’s business as a sole trader, or in the name of a company but Annexio does not accept partnerships as Affiliate Members. You may change the status of your business by sending Annexio a copy of the appropriate documentation, such as a certificate of incorporation.

  10. Deceptive Practices

    You must fairly and truthfully explain the nature of the Annexio products, services, the business opportunity, the Commission Plan and the terms of the Affiliate Member Agreement including these Policies and Procedures to a prospective Affiliate Member. This includes:

    • Being honest and thorough in presenting material from the Annexio Commission Plan to all potential Affiliate Members.
    • Making clear that income from the Annexio Commission Plan is based on personal product or service sales and not for sponsoring other Affiliate Members.
    • Not misrepresenting the amount of expenditure that an average Affiliate Member might incur in carrying out the business.
    • Not misrepresenting the amount of time an average Affiliate Member would have to devote to the business to achieve the earnings estimated and not stating that earnings are guaranteed for any individual Affiliate Member.
    • Not stating or inferring that you will build an organisation for anyone else.
    • Not stating that any consumer, business, or government department or agency has approved or endorsed Annexio products, services or its Commission Plan.
    • In the event that a payment in respect of commissions or winnings payable is not received by you, it must be reported to the Company within twenty eight (28) days of the date of issue.
  11. Independent Contractor Status

    The agreement you have with Annexio does not create an employer/employee relationship, partnership or joint venture. You are responsible for paying your own income tax, setting your own goals, hours and methods of sales. You are an independent contractor.

  12. Insurance

    Annexio recommends that you obtain appropriate insurance cover for your business activities.

  13. Sales, Transfer, or Assignment of Member’s Business

    You may not sell, transfer, or assign your Affiliate Member business to any person or entity without the Company’s written approval. An Affiliate Member may not hold more than one Affiliate position. Consent will not normally be given to the transfer of your Affiliate Member business to any person or entity that has owned or operated a Annexio Affiliate Member business within the previous 12 months.

  14. Succession

    If an Affiliate Member dies, their rights to commissions, bonuses, will pass to their nominated beneficiary who shall be eligible either to (i) accept the Affiliate Member position on the terms of the Affiliate Member Agreement as if they were a party thereto or (ii) to require final payment of sums due if any under the Affiliate Member Agreement. Upon an Affiliate Member’s death the beneficiary must present the Company with proof of death along with grant of probate. You may inherit and retain another Affiliate Member’s business even though you currently own or operate an Affiliate Member’s business. Annexio reserves the right to suspend the Affiliate Member position until receipt of documentation evidencing the entitlement of the heir to the deceased Affiliate Member’s position.

  15. Incapacity

    Upon the incapacity of an Affiliate Member, the rights and responsibilities of the Affiliate Member can be assumed by his/her attorney who may handle his/her Annexio affairs even though he/she may him/herself hold a Annexio Affiliate Member position. Annexio reserves the right to suspend the Affiliate Member position until receipt of documentation evidencing the authority of the attorney.

  16. Income Tax

    • All persons must comply with the income tax laws applicable to it.
    • The income which you earn from your activities as a Annexio Affiliate Member may be subject to income tax and you should take the necessary action to ensure that, if so, your Annexio income is included in your next tax return.
    • Under income tax laws you are entitled to deduct from your income certain expenses related to your business so you should ensure that you keep proper records of your expenditure.
    • You should obtain a receipt for all deductible expenses and carefully file them, since they may be required to support your claims for expenses incurred.
    • If you are in any doubt about your income tax liability you should seek professional advice.
  17. Line of Sponsoring

    • You have the ultimate right to choose your sponsor.
    • As a general rule, the first Affiliate Member who introduces you to Annexio should have the first opportunity to sponsor you. The Company will recognise the first person listed on your Affiliate Member application form as your sponsor.
    • You are not permitted to persuade or attempt to persuade any other Annexio Affiliate Member to cancel an existing Affiliate Member Agreement with Annexio in order to join your organisation.
  18. Transferring to Another Sponsor

    • The integrity of the lines of sponsorship is fundamental to the organisation's functionality and success. Once an Affiliate Member is sponsored Annexio believes in protecting his/her relationship to the fullest extent possible. However, the following exceptions may be made at the sole discretion of Annexio:
      1. By terminating the Affiliate Member Agreement and remaining inactive for a period of six (6) months before re-applying under a different sponsor;
      2. In the case of proven unethical sponsoring by the original sponsor; or
      3. With the written approval of the immediate seven (7) active upline Affiliate Member sponsors who shall each complete a form of consent agreement. If the consent of each of the seven (7) active upline Affiliate Member sponsors cannot be obtained no transfer will be permitted.
    • In the case of (ii) and (iii) above the Affiliate Member position may at the sole discretion of Annexio be transferred with any and all of the downline organisation intact.

Section D Responsibilities of Members and Sponsors

  1. Supervision, Training and Sales

    When you sponsor a new Affiliate Member, you should instil knowledge of the products and services, effective promotional techniques, and an understanding of the Commission Plan and the Policies and Procedures. You should monitor Affiliate Members in your organisation to ensure they conduct their businesses professionally and ethically and provide quality Affiliate Member support.

  2. Reporting Policy Violations

    You must report any observed violations of the Affiliate Member Agreement to the Company.

Section E Bonuses and Commissions

  1. Bonus and Commission Cycles

    The Company pays commissions at the end of each four-week business cycle. You should review your commission statement and report any errors within 30 days.

  2. Adjustments of Bonuses and Commissions

    Commissions and bonuses are paid on your turnover from the Company products and service and those of your organisation. Accordingly, commissions and bonuses will be adjusted when any Player Member requests a refund. Annexio will claw back the commission earned on the refunded turnover. In addition where bonuses or commissions paid to Affiliate Members on products or services refunded to Affiliate Members in your organisation within the preceding one hundred and twenty (120) days shall be repayable by you and may be deducted from your account with Annexio at any time where an Affiliate Member in your organisation terminates his/her Affiliate Member Agreement or it is terminated by Annexio.

  3. Rights to Earn Commissions

    You must:

    • Comply with the terms of the Affiliate Member Agreement to qualify for commissions and bonuses.
    • ‘Qualify’ has the meaning and conditions as set out in the Commission Plan (see Commission Plan document).
    • No payment is made for introducing new Affiliate Members to the business. You earn commissions on the turnover of your Player Members and Affiliate Members only.
  4. Unclaimed Commissions and Credits

    • Credits are held in your winnings and commissions account until the balance rises above £10. When the balance reaches that level, payment is made in accordance with your chosen method. Cheques not presented within six months from the date of issue are void.
    • Any alleged errors in commission calculation, statements or payments must be reported to Member Support within 30 days of the date of the relevant commission statement or payment. All errors will be investigated by the Company promptly and you will be notified of the result of such investigation within 14 days of the report.
    • Will not be reissued.

Section F Cancellations and Refunds

Refunds will be made to Affiliate Members in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Affiliate Member Agreement.

Section G − Dispute Resolution and Violations of Agreement

  1. Disputes between Affiliate Members

    You should attempt to resolve any disputes that arise with other Affiliate Members or seek assistance from your upline. If you cannot resolve the dispute you should contact the Company and supply all the facts in writing.

  2. Set Off

    In addition to any other rights and/or remedies available to Annexio if any amount payable by the Affiliate Member to the Company becomes overdue Annexio may deduct such monies from any amount due from Annexio to the Affiliate Member.

Section H Affiliate Member Services

  1. Changes To the Affiliate Member Business

    You must notify the Company in writing of any change to the information supplied in your Affiliate Member Application.

Section I Termoination Policies

  1. Termination by Company

    • The Company may terminate an Affiliate Member’s business for a violation of the Affiliate Member Agreement including these Policies and Procedures. This will result in the loss of all rights regarding the Affiliate Member’s organisation and any future bonuses and commissions generated.
    • The Company may further conduct a random audit of the Affiliate Members account at any time and may in its sole discretion terminate this Affiliate Agreement if the Affiliate has not sponsored an Affiliate Member or Player Member for 6 consecutive months.
    • The Affiliate Member will be notified of this action and may appeal against the termination. Any appeal must be in writing and addressed to the Company within 30 days of receipt of the termination letter.
    • A terminated Affiliate Member may re-apply to become an Affiliate Member 12 months from the date of termination. They should write to the Company with reasons why they feel they should be allowed to operate an Affiliate Member’s business again. Annexio may accept or reject a re-application
  2. Termination of Business by the Affiliate Member

    You may terminate your Affiliate Member Agreement at any time and for any reason without penalty by 14 days notice in writing.

  3. Effect of Termination

    Following termination the Affiliate Member shall have no right, claim, title, or interest in their organisation or any future bonuses or commissions from the earnings generated.

  4. Terminated Affiliate Members

    • Shall not present themselves as Annexio independent Affiliate Members.
    • Shall not have the right to promote Annexio products or services.
    • Must remove references to Annexio from public view.
    • Will receive commissions and bonuses for the last full month immediately before termination if qualified as set out in the Annexio Commission Plan.

Section J Definitions

  1. Affiliate Member Agreement

    Refers to the Affiliate Member Application form, the Affiliate Member Agreement, the Policies and Procedures and the Commission Plan.

  2. End Consumer/Player Member

    A person who purchases Annexio products or services for the purpose of personally using them and does not participate in the Commission Plan.

  3. Genealogy Report

    A report generated by the Company that provides information about an Affiliate Member’s organisation. This report contains confidential information and proprietary trade secrets.

  4. Official Annexio Materials

    Literature, audio or videotapes and other materials developed, printed, published or distributed by Annexio.

  5. Sponsor

    The Affiliate Member responsible for the enrolment of a new Affiliate Member. An Affiliate Member’s sponsor is listed on their application form.

  6. Upline

    Refers to the Affiliate Member or Members above a particular Affiliate Member in a sponsorship line up to the Company. Conversely, it is the line of sponsors that links the Company to an Affiliate Member.

  7. Affiliate Member

    A person who completes and signs an Affiliate Member Application and is accepted as a member by Annexio to promote Annexio products and services and the Annexio business opportunity.

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